by Enos Mafokate

About Us

The Soweto Equestrian Centre, is a non-profit riding school founded by the first black show jumper Champion Mr Enos Mafokate in 2006. It has the aim to improve the welfare of cart horses in Soweto, to open the elite world of riding to people, who would otherwise never get the chance to ride on a horse, and to get disabled children on horses. Over the years we have been specializing in Vaulting, Show jumping and Bowling. 

The Centre has become a rehabilitation Centre of some sort for many Kids who come from disadvantaged homes, as results we find ourselves providing clothes and food to the disadvantaged Kids.

This situation has automatically made the Centre not only to focus on equestrian activities but to pay attention to domestic issues and inspire the Soweto kids to aspire for a better life instead of turning to drugs and criminal activities. We are thankful to everybody who is assisting us with donations to help us feed the horses and the Kids.

Never the less, Mr Mafokate has done wonders under the circumstances, our Kids are excelling in every show or competition we participate in, we have won first prize at the 2016 South African Championship held in Cape Town and we are looking forward to the 2017 South African Championship. We are confident that one day we will get the opportunity to represent South Africa in the Olympic games and come back home with a gold medal.

We as the Centre sometimes find our self struggling to keep the engine running due to various challenges that we face everyday, should you wish to make a donation, please feel comfortable to send us an email. 

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